Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Charity Shop Day

Well today was quite eventful, i woke up at about 10:30 am and walked up the road to get my hair cut. I felt like getting something random and new. I have wanted to shave the side of my head for a while now but never been confident enough to get it down, but today i was feeling positive and went for it. I asked to have the right side and back shaved down and the rest trimmed. The barber done a good job, my only complaint is that he "trimmed" the rest a little too much but that is fine as it will grow pretty quick.

I had arranged to go shopping with my friend Anna today, so i got home had a quick shower, jumped in the car and drove down to her house which is about 10 minutes from mine. I got there to find that she had over slept and it took her about 45 minutes to get ready. I didn't mind cos i was playing on the laptop and she made herself look all nice even though she hasn't been feeling to great recently. She was finally ready so we left for our shopping adventure.

First we drove to a local town called West Wickham as we knew this had a fair amount of charity shops. This is where i picked up an old grey Adidas jumper, it reminds me of when i was about 8 years old when they were really fashionable. I then managed to find a nice little scarf type thing which i think belonged to a little old lady, as the shop keeper thought i was buying it for Anna lol.

We then drove off to another town called Wallington which also has decent charity shops. It was here that i got my best buy...a green reindeer jumper that Anna picked out. At first it just looked festive but when you look closer it seems that the man on it is partaking in a sexual act with the reindeer. (My sister thinks he is stroking it, which i think its true but it looks odd) I bought this jumper and the shop keeper complimented it on how festive it was, which made me and Anna giggle as he obviously hadn't noticed the imagery. Anna also bought a random curtainy-netty-materially thing that she can use to make clothes.

Further down the road to the next one i managed to find a pretty cool Super Mario t-shirt that looked pretty much brand new, i also got a navy Pringle cardigan which was too small so i gave that to my sister. It was in this shop that i picked up Shrek on DVD as i don't have it and i can't resist buying a DVD when i see one.

We got quite hungry so decided to pop into Sainsburys which was an experience in itself with the weird travelators and all sorts. Then unfortunately for me when i got into the car i hit my ear lobe on my door and it REALLY hurt and bruised up quickly. While i was recovering me and Anna sat in my car watching Knocked Up DVD and eating our food.

Our final destination was a place called Bantstead, which my mum advised me to go to as it has good charity shops. I didn't manage to find any good clothes here, but did find a really nice Pashmina scarf which i love. Anna however found some really nice boots and a huge wool jumper. It's quite frustrating for me sometimes, being vegan i cannot wear wool and i see a lot of nice wool jumpers, but this is a sacrifice i have decided to make as i am a strong believer in anti-animal cruelty.

It was off home after a successful day shopping with one of my favouritest people in the whole world, i dropped Anna home and got back to my house. Since shopping i have just relaxed on the computer listening to music and talking to friends on MSN and Facebook. I also set up my Lookbook.nu account, which is the main reason why i have written this blog.

That is all from me today, hopefully i will keep up the blogging, i don't have too much free time at the moment but i will try my best. If you would like to contact me you can always message my Myspace or get to me on Lookbook...


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